Video Mistakes, Behind The Scenes and Playing Cupid

I love websites (like THIS one) that list mistakes in movies. Trying to catch little things in film that you aren’t supposed to notice. And since I released a new music video this month, I thought I would save you the time and just point out a couple mistakes just for the fun of it. I’m not upset about any of them since they aren’t serious, and they make for a good story. Feel free to watch the full video HERE and see the mistakes yourself!

Number 1: Heather’s hair! 
Since we filmed the video at many locations over several months, some things just change that are out of our control. Like how Heather Mae’s hair is long in the final scene of the video, yet cut short when she first appears at 1:16. Clearly we filmed the last scene first! Heather sang on several songs on my new album and I was glad to have her appear in the video - short OR long hair!

Number 2: What season is it?
Most clearly noticed back to back around 3:29 – 3:30, some scenes were shot in late winter, while others shot in the spring. Sometimes trees have leaves, sometimes they don’t!

Number 3: Lip syncing is hard!
Just ask Ashlee Simpson, who had the worst lip sync job ever on Saturday Night Live. Unlike on a “live” TV show, you are actually supposed to lip sync in music videos. Heather and I were pretty good for the most part, but if you look close enough you can notice a few spots where we weren’t perfect. The most glaring “oops” was at the end of the video during the bar scene. There was a LOT going on that night to be distracted by. At around 3:45, I pull away from the microphone, but clearly I am still singing. Then at 3:56, Heather is supposed to be doing some “oohs” when she is just smiling in the video. This is my favorite mistake because if you watch her, you can see her remember as she jumps back to the mic to sing!

Other Interesting Facts:
-    The male and female actors in the video (Marina Ybarra & Joshua Schulze) had never met before they were hired to be in my video. On screen, Josh ends up proposing on stage. After we finished filming, Marina and Josh started dating! Such a good looking couple. If they ever get married, they better invite me to the wedding so I can play the song that brought them together.

-    I have blue eyes, and they are pretty sensitive to light. So although I may look angry while I stroll through the vineyard singing (0:37), I’m actually looking directly into the sun and trying my best to not go blind. 

-    For much of the video (starting at 1:33) I am sitting on a very, very old and creaky bench. There is a drop off of about 10 feet behind that bench that is all rocks. When we first arrived at the bench, I put my feet on the bench and went to sit on the back (with my guitar around my neck). The bench tipped back and I was heading over the cliff. There is a 100% chance I would have broken bones and a broken guitar if I were to tip over. Fortunately for me, Heather reacted with cat-like reflexes and grabbed me. My heart was POUNDING. Crisis avoided.

I should make a pop-up video version of this song with these stories. I miss that show!

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