The Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t heard about it, the Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the world by storm! The challenge, which demands either a bucket of ice water over the head or a $100 donation to the ALS Association, has raised over 4 million dollars so far! Once you do it, you can nominate a few other people to take the challenge. 

Everybody seems to be getting in on the fun, including a ton of celebrities (HERE is a good compilation of celebrity videos. Bill Gates is my favorite!). But as with anything that gets really popular really fast, there has been a bit of backlash of criticism. Some think that it’s just a gimmick and a cheap substitute for real involvement in a charity. Well tell that to the ALS Association, who can use this 4 million dollars helping affected families and continue their research in hope of a cure. Forbes magazine did a great rebuttal to squelch the naysayers. 

So here is the video of me doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. I told my friend Dave to dump the bucket of ice water on my head – however he seemed to enjoy slowly torturing me (FOR 13 SECONDS!) by pouring it ever-so-slowly. I could literally feel every muscle in my body tighten up! 

Click on the screen shot below to watch the video!
DONATE to ALS today! Learn more about the terrible disease at

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