I have no doubt your Facebook wall and Twitter feed were cluttered this past week with "I'm thankful for____" posts. Thanksgiving will do that. For a while, I was a bit annoyed by the seemingly insincere blabbering of appreciation and humblebrags.  But eventually it made me think about my own life. My own problems. My own fears. And ultimately realizing that things aren’t so bad. In fact, I should be pretty damn thankful where my life stands right now.

Though I don’t talk about it publicly (until right now), I went through a divorce a couple years ago. I’m still trying to navigate my way through the single life, my musical life, my work life, and whatever else the cosmos throws at me. I don’t have any family within a 350 mile radius, and spending Thanksgiving down here in VA was a bit rough this year. Needless to say, I found myself having a bit of a pity party. 

After I ran out of whine, I thought about what’s really important in life. Millions of people around the world are sick… Don’t have loved ones... Don’t love themselves... Don’t have the means to get by, let alone take a vacation once in a while.  And I’m NOT one of those people. I have friends and family that I love, with a life full of music and a great big world yet to explore. I’ll refrain from tossing out some humblebrags, but my life is pretty damn good. But if you’re like me, sometimes you need to remind yourself of that. Even if it takes some cheesy Facebook posts and a holiday to remind you.  

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