Even when I’m a winner, I’m a loser

Last week, I was playing solo acoustic at an environmental conference. They were having a large raffle, and because I had my speakers and mic already set up in this large room, I was the default MC, calling out the winning numbers. I also had a few raffle tickets that I had purchased draped over my mic stand. I was just being whispered numbers, and was repeating them into the mic. There were dozens of raffle prizes ranging from small giftcards to Starbucks all the way to prizes of several hundred dollars in cash.

I decided to donate a couple of our band’s CDs to raffle off. When the time came to give away my CD, I announced it tongue-in-cheek: “Up next is the single greatest musical CD ever created by mankind. It features amazing Singer-Songwriter Dan Fisk, and spent the last 24 months as the #1 overall album on Billboard.” The audience got the joke, as they had all been present just 15 minutes ago while I was performing. I was told the winning number. I repeated it, waiting to give away a copy of Sight Lines.

“3419!!” I said with the enthusiasm of the world’s greatest Bingo Caller.


“3419” I repeated…


Nearly forgetting I had purchased a few tickets myself, I slowly looked down at the tickets I had purchased… almost knowing the inevitable. Yup, there it was. The crowd figured it out and began to laugh as they saw my pursed lips and silent shaking head. I was now the proud owner of my very own CD. I guess I’ll keep it in my studio on top of that large box of 500 other unopened copies of Sight Lines?!

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