A Birthday Party… For An Airplane

Over the past decade, I’ve played a really wide variety of shows and different venues. Private events are often the most fun and unique, and this past year was no different. I got hired to record a hilariously cheesy parody of YMCA for a large conference, I played a Halloween show at a prison, rocked the socks off of several corporate parties, etc. However the most unique private show of 2016 was a birthday party for a plane. You read that correctly. Katie Pribyl was celebrating her beloved Cessna 180 “Buck” on his special day. I set up my gear at the airport in front of Buck, and spent the evening entertaining Katie’s friends and family.
Though I had never met Katie prior to the party, she was incredibly nice to me and I enjoyed hearing her back story as a pilot and eventually working for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. Shortly after the party, AOPA released this tear-jerker of a video profile showing Katie making her first landing on her family’s Montana ranch. HERE is the link if have 6 free minutes to watch.
I’m also available for golf club anniversaries, bah mitzvahs, stamp collecting gatherings and canine weddings.

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