Album Release Show!

The biggest show of the year!
Buy tickets HERE.

Drifting Pre-order

"DRIFTING" is now available for digital and physical pre-order! You will get 2 songs for immediate download, and the rest emailed to you on MAY 21st! If you order the physical CD, you will get the digital download emailed to you, and the hard copy sent to your house a full week before the rest of the world can buy it!


Brought to you by...

I'm proud to announce that the release of DRIFTING is sponsored by Stone Tower Winery. Having the folks at Stone Tower believe in me and my music means the world to me, and I can't thank them enough! Please visit the winery and support a local business that supports local music!

The Trivial Show

I was a guest on The Trivial Show this past week. If you have time, listen to the entire hour... we talk about many topics (some quite raunchy!). But starting at about 30min 30sec, you will hear the global debut of HEART LIES. Enjoy.

Click on The Trivial Show card to listen!

Original Shows

Some cool original shows coming up, featuring songs from the upcoming album!

4/23: Epicure Cafe - A great night of music with several other local and touring musicians

Studio Blooper Video

While recording "Drifting", the camera was rolling to produce a live studio video for the song "Heart Lies". So I put together some outtakes for you all to laugh at. Enjoy!

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"Singer-songwriter Dan Fisk is one of the area's most promising up-and-comers"
-District Noise

"Fisk’s sound may not neatly fit into one genre, but that’s clearly a strength"
-DC Music Pub full review

"Intelligent, calming and freshly-acoustic, Fisk really shines on this one"
-On Tap Magazine full review

"Fisk is a performer, pure and simple; a quality that even comes across in the recorded media of a CD or MP3"
-Wildy's World full review

"...truly staggering" and is a "highly recommended songwriter"
-RebelRIffs full review


"As Long As I'm With You", the lead single from my upcoming album has already won an award! Receiving "Honorable Mention" in the large "Pop" category, the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest is one of the largest of the country with thousands of entries. Can't wait for you all to hear the whole album!

My Side Biz!

When shopping around for a frame to display my new CD on the wall of my studio, I noticed that there were very few options available. And none that I liked. So I designed my own! It came out so well, I decided to start a new business that catered to indie-musicians. I purchased mat cutters, matting, frames, shipping supplies and more. I spent a few months perfecting my craft before launching my online store. So if you are a musician that has released a physical album, you should check out my site! I know firsthand how much effort you put into it. You made it sound good, now make it look as good as it sounds!

Painting The Music

I created a performance art series called Painting The Music. Artists paint songs... its awesome (trust me). Just click on the photo to check out the PTM website!